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Deciphering Scents

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Fermenting (38)
Location: CA, US

Feb 10, 2009 07:54 PM

So I went to a little seminar/class with Gary Vaynerchuk at the Boston Wine Expo. He's awesome by the way...super energetic and just wants people to get out there and try new things!

We did some blind tastings and it was interesting to hear what people who I'd never shared wine with before thought about the different ones we tried. People came up with scents that I would have never ever thought of...ever...nor would my typical drinking buddies probably ever think of.

I've really really tried to work more at taking the time to figure out what I'm smelling. There for a while I thought my nose was completely broken...and then I occurred to me: If I close my eyes while I try to smell, it's so much easier to figue it out! They always say that people who are lacking a specific sense (sight, hearing, etc.) have other senses that are when I cut off my sight (shut my eyes) my mind focuses so much more on my nose! It's such a simple concept but for me it was so profound. Try it.


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