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How wine tastes

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Fermenting (17)
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Dec 02, 2008 03:54 PM

There are four tastes that can be distinguished by your tongue: sweet, salty, acid and sour. The sweet is perceptible on the extremity of the tongue and generates a thick saliva. The salty is perceptible on the sides of the tongue and generates a saliva. The acid is perceptible on the sides, right on the top of the salty and generates a voluminous saliva. Lastly, the sour is perceptible on the back of the tongue and generates a certain aftertaste.
Tasting the wine can yield a lot of information such as where the wine is from, the varietal used, the age of the wine, etc…
You can refer to the aromas examples for identifying the flavour’s family.

Remember that no matter who you do wine tasting with friends, with love ones or just to impress, there is no good or wrong answers, it’s about your tastes!

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Location: CA, US

Feb 10, 2009 08:02 PM

I totally agree. It's frustrating for me and actually sad to see when people drink wines because they're expensive or "popular" even if it's not their favorite (and sometimes they don't like the taste at all!).

Bottom line...if you really like the taste of 2 Buck Chuck - drink it! (Just don't bring it to my party! :))


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