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Tasting Party

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Newbie (3)
Location: IL, US

Nov 19, 2008 08:49 PM

I'm hosting a holiday tasting party and am incdrediby un-creative. Would love some suggestions to make the party extra-special.

Fermenting (22)
Location: CA, US

Nov 20, 2008 03:52 AM

If your holiday party is for New Year's Eve - here are some suggestions from party planner Ms. Onet.

?Wine Tasting Party Option 1
You can preselect wines from a winery or region that interests you. You'll need to be prepared to
give some general information about each wine. Call upon the expertise of your local wine store
or search online for information.

Wine Tasting Party Option 2
Invite each of your guests to bring a bottle of wine that interests them. Prior to the evening, they
become "the expert" and share their thoughts and insight about the wine with the rest of your
guests. "I prefer this format because it allows for more interaction, making your guests feel more

Send Your Guests off in Style
Give each guest a wine-related item as a party favor: "Get some pretty little bags and wrap up a
few bottle openers, decanters, attractive wine stoppers and coasters. Another idea is to write each
guest's name and the year on a wine glass that she can take home as a memento of your New
Year's Eve celebration together."

Hope the above helps!

Fermenting (22)
Location: CA, US

Nov 20, 2008 04:00 AM


You might also try I've heard that their wine tasting kits are a great way to go. They deliver and the kit comes with 6 wines, a how-to guide, tasting mats and bottle wrappers. Worth checking it out!


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