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Member Introductions

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Fermenting (10)
Location: CA, US

Oct 23, 2008 10:59 AM

I always think it's nice to have a place to introduce yourself in a forum, so I'll start us off.... Hopefully everyone else will join in.

I'm a twenty-something, self proclaimed social wineo. I love the social aspect of drinking wine and exploring labels I've never tried before. I've got a lot to learn but some to share as well.

Fermenting (38)
Location: CA, US

Oct 23, 2008 11:37 AM

Nice work vsstone!

I'm "Kaymudt" and I hail from the lovely land of Southern California. I've been here all my life and although I get the itch to move along sometimes I really don't know if I could call anywhere but SoCal home.

I work a lot, but like to travel whenever I can and drink wine wherever I go :)

Quote By: vsstone

I always think it's nice to have a place to introduce yourself in a forum, so I'll start us off.... Hopefully everyone else will join in.

Newbie (4)
Location: CA, US

Oct 23, 2008 11:54 AM

Hi Everyone,

I'm a retired, Newport Beach Bum. I'm farily new to using the internet for something other than work, so bear with me through all of this.

I have great friends, two great kids and am excited to have time to enjoy my hobbies -- exploring wine being one of them.

Look forward to talk to you all.

Newbie (1)
Location: CA, US

Oct 23, 2008 01:53 PM

I really like to try beers and wines that I haven't tried before. I'm a fan of the small breweries and wineries.

I have a wine group and we have a trading party twice a year. I wish we did it more, so I'm really happy to know about Corktraders and hopefully find some others to trade with more often. I am on allocation lists for some small botique wineries that produce some great wines -- but I'm willing to swap them out for other things I've never tried.

Fermenting (22)
Location: CA, US

Oct 26, 2008 02:07 AM

Greetings! I am so happy to be introduced to an awesome website - such as this. Thus far, I seem to be the "senior" in the group. Formerly a mid-west gal, I have laid claim to California as my home for the last 50 years. Wine is fast becoming a passion of mine. In earnest, I am looking for that one bottle I just can't get enough of. Hence, this fabulous opportunity to "trade" wine. No more buying and tossing for me - yippy! My husband and I are now retired and look forward to passing many bottles amongst our fellow Corktraders.

Bob Davies

Fermenting (10)
Location: CA, US

Oct 26, 2008 04:24 PM

Naples, Florida has been my home for the last 30 years. Sailing is my passion at which wine is a close second. Now that I am retired, I have more time to indulge in my favorite activities. My wife and I have 3 adult-children, and they love to visit us in the sunshine state. I have several "wine connoisseurs" friends that are so excited about the concept of trading wine.
Matthew Martin

Newbie (6)
Location: CA, US

Oct 28, 2008 02:00 AM

Hello. My name is Matthew, I am single and a native of California. However, I was recently given the opportunity to make a "life change" and currently live in Tuscany. The Italian country side is beautiful. I have been hired by a friend to enhance their home by assisting in a very detailed remodeling project. When not at work, I enjoy the wine and culture of Italy.

Fermenting (12)
Location: ca, US

Oct 31, 2008 01:10 PM

Hey everyone, I'm really not that exciting but here it goes. I live in H.B. (aka Huntington Beach) love wine, work a lot, travel and love to eat. When I'm not working I try to hang catch up with friends but were all kind of at that age where everyones life is super busy with million different things going on at one time. It seems like everyone is getting married and popping out puppies. Oh well, I'm fortunate enough to have the love of my life that keeps me in line and we will always agree that nothing is better than dining alfresco with a GREAT bottle of wine... and a schooner at Mutt Lynch's every once in a while isn't that bad. Hope to chat with you guys soon.

Newbie (3)
Location: IL, US

Nov 03, 2008 08:37 PM

Let's see...I live in Batavia, IL, with my husband, one dog and 4 cats. I worked as a Sommelier for the past 6 years until a few weeks ago when I decided to take a break from the restaurant scene. Most of my wine collectioin is Spanish but my specialty is small production (boutique) American wineries. I also hope to learn a few things and maybe contribute something when I can. I will try to hide my disdain over-priced, mass-produced or high tannin wines but I cannot promise anything!. I have designed and built a few cellars so I can offer up info on that area as well.

Not sure what else you are looking for but I am glad someone got this site up and running! Thanks for starting the thread and getting everyone talking!

PS - Matt, I just had the Cinnamon Stardust while I was visiting Napa for my 30th, stellar stuff and a beautiful winery!
Eileen Hess

Newbie (4)
Location: CA, US

Nov 04, 2008 12:11 AM

This website is great even for a "social" drinker such as myself. My adult life has been spent in Southern California, however, I was raised in the mid-west. I love to play bridge, drink wine and eat cheese. The gals in my bridge club are all talking about Corktraders. I am a "stay at home" Mom with 3 children. I have several hobbies, such as needle point, tending to my rose garden and best of all having a good glass of wine with friends.

Newbie (7)
Location: CA, US

Nov 04, 2008 11:43 PM

Greetings everyone from the "sunny slopes" of Mammoth Lakes, CA. I am so excited to be introduced to this fantastic wine-trading website. It has been my pleasure to spend the last 12 years amongst the beauty and grandeur of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I like to think of myself as a "pro" snowmobiler, however, I am new to snowboarding. A few good friends of mine are into wine and we meet monthly. It's a fun group, everyone tries to bring a new/different wine to share. I am sure you will meet them on Corktraders.


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