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2007 Cougar Vineyard & Winery Sparkling Cougar Muscat Canelli


Member comments about this wine

  • corktrader said:
    2008-10-20 14:46:57
    Winemaker's Notes: This is Cougar's very first sparkling wine! We decided that we would take and already flavorful grape and make a sparkling wine out of it. This fun sparkler is 100% uscat Canelli grapes harvested in temecula Valley. Enjoy some bubbly to celebrate the good times and to make the good times a celebration.
  • kaymudt said:
    2008-10-20 15:08:15
    The Sparkling Cougar! Whataname! I've tried this once and it was very different, but good nonetheless. One of my friends said it best by saying that this is the champagne for beer lovers.