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2005 Cliff Lede Vineyards Cinnamon Stardust Cabernet Sauvignon

Fruit is typically sourced from Twin Peaks Ranch estate on the Yountville Cross Road, as well as the hillside terraces of the Poetry Vineyard in which yields are maintained at sparse levels, ranging from .8 to 3.8 tons per acre. The wine is composed of small batches from many of the best blocks, representing a diverse range of carefully selected rootstock and clones


Member comments about this wine

  • kaymudt said:
    2008-10-09 23:09:20
    Winemaker’s Tasting Notes: The 2005 Cinnamon Stardust Cabernet Sauvignon opens with a panoply of wild and exotic aromas; essences of hazelnut, blackcurrant, rosemary, and cypress resin boldly comingle with balsam, mulberry, and vetiver. The palate displays a rich mix of dark fruits and spices, all vying for center stage. Tamarind, huckleberry, creosote, and rose oils sully the palate in harmonious equilibrium, like the sensorial equivalent of David Bowie jamming with Neil Young and Crazyhorse. Edgy, complex, and subtle flavors continue in a bold fat finish that persists well into the coda.